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diProtector is the absolute protection tool against reverse engineering of the protected application. It is written in C/C++.diProtector features and specifics:■ totally destruction of the protected code fragments■ detection and protection from active debuggers like eVC, eVB debuggers and others■ protection from code tracing under a debugger;■ protection of application's import table;■ protection from code modification;■ protected registry work;■ protection from code modification;■ protection from code tracing under a debugger;■ entry point protection;■ protection of resource code (resource�code protection);■ protection from code modification;■ protection from code tracing under a debugger;■ protection from resource code deletion;■ protection of executable code (executable�code protection);■ protection of main executable file (may have keygen interface for load external module).DiProtector can completely protect any applications on any�platforms, like Pocket PC for Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, BlackBerry, Palm OS, SmartPhones, Unix, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, Mac OS, eVC, eVB and others.But DiProtector is, of course, much more than the way to protect your application. It can protect a portable application which is written in any language (C, C++, Pascal, for example). With the help of our tool you can get your application into diProtector:■ create a script with source code of your application;■ add it to diProtector as a single module.When saving the script, the corresponding module will be automatically added to diProtector and will be ready to use. Also, modules can be easily deleted or changed. This feature should be used only by application�developers who want to provide their users with easy-to-load system extensions.So diProtector has almost unlimited possibilities�in the future.Further information about DiProtector (diProtector Documentation�with pictures, preloaded (encrypted) module listings and online help�is available on the web site Here you'll also find all necessary documents (in English and other languages) and all possible partners for the diProtector (the full list of partners is available on 08929e5ed8

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